Download Online Armor 5.0 first release candidate for Free

Download Online Armor 5.0 first release candidate for Free

| April 2, 2011

Online Armor’s broad range of Personal Firewall Features help keep you safe when surfing the internet. Not all features are available in Online Armor Free.

What is new?

  • File & Registry Shield
    Users can create rules to limit the access of certain application groups to specified files, folders or registry keys. Due to the advanced nature of this feature it is only available in “Advanced Mode”.
  • Completely reworked GUI
    Online Armor 5.0 was adapted to the design of the other Emsisoft products and shows a lot of usage simplifications. Additionally the readability of alert windows has been optimized.
  • IE Addons removed
    The IE Addons menu was removed. BHOs are really just another autorun and are now handled as such.
  • Content filtering in Web Shield removed
    The content filtering aspects of the Web Shield were removed. They were introduced at a time when essentially all browsers lacked control over active content or your private information. Times have changed though and most modern browsers actually do a far superior job now than the Web Shield ever did. Therefore we decided to remove the content filtering from the Web Shield which will result in better compatibility and network performance.
  • Improved self protection on x86 and x64 systems.
  • Over 400 detail improvements and bug fixes based on user and tester feedback.


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