Download Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX v1.04.1 Full Install

Download Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX v1.04.1 Full Install

| June 11, 2011

Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX is a non-profit unofficial fangame based on the Mario universe. It combines elements from 3D Mario titles with classic, 2D gameplay, set in Halloween-themed levels. The original game, Super Mario: Blue Twilight (MarioWeen for short) was developed in the span of two short weeks and released on October 31st, 2003. MarioWeen DX was slated for an October 31st, 2004 release, but what was once a small upgrade (an extra level and an extra boss) quickly snowballed to a much larger game that pushes the clunky little game to it’s limits.

It was a cool night at the Mushroom Kingdom. It was the sort of calm that always fell over the castle after the defeat of the Koopa King, Bowser. Most people were in bed or heading there – as the day’s celebration had tired everybody out. Even Mario and Princess Peach were on their way to their chambers for some much needed rest. Suddenly, the sky darkened as fog swept the land out of nowhere – and the moon turned red. A gust of wind blew out nearby candles.


Credits: Forum

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