Download WebSite X5 Evolution 11 DEMO Here

Download WebSite X5 Evolution 11 DEMO

| January 22, 2015

With WebSite X5 Evolution 11 No Programming Skills are Required: All you Need is your Mouse!

You can create all the pages you want, add any content and use all the advanced features you need: you can see the results of your work as you go, and in just a few clicks you can create product catalogs, blogs, e-mail forms, photo galleries and much more besides.

You can concentrate on the results and WebSite X5 takes care of all the technical aspects, creating websites that are optimized for search engines, compatible with all the main browsers and fully navigable on smartphones and tablets too.


Main Features:

Create professional-looking websites thanks to the gallery of over 1,500 graphic templates. Choose the one you like best and make changes to it, if you want, using the built-in graphic editor and numerous style settings. If you prefer, you can create your own template from scratch.

Create a more personal relationship with your website visitors: set up a blog or publish your news through an RSS feed. You can write articles and include pictures and videos in them, but above all, you can answer comments and conduct discussions thanks to the online control panel.

Set up your own online store: it’s easy. Create a product catalog and include photos, descriptions and prices. Set up the payment terms, including credit card management, and delivery methods. The web is the perfect shop window for your products.

Add all kinds of content to your pages: text, photos, videos, e-mail forms, maps, social network buttons, etc. There’s also an optional objects library you can use: install apps to integrate particular contents.

Thanks to the new text editor and integrated web fonts in the project, you now have complete control over your texts and can use whichever font you prefer, knowing it will always be displayed correctly on any device.

Take advantage of the bundled webhosting service: you get free domain registration, 30 Gb of web space for 12 months, unlimited e-mails and cloud computing so you can synchronize files among all your online devices.

Other Features:

Custom Template
You can make your website unique by customizing one of the 1500 templates or creating one of your own: save your work in a personal gallery

Built-in Graphic Editors
Use the built-in graphic editors to customize the templates, change the graphics or set up new styles for the menus and other elements.

Automatic Backup
Use the automatic backup feature to create copies of your project as you work: this will safeguard you against losing your work if something unexpected happens.

Close-ups and Landscape Pictures
Make your pages spectacular: it only takes a few clicks to set up close-ups, movement and mouseover effects on your pictures.

Photo/video galleries
Import your favorite photos and videos and create fantastic galleries: they’re all visible on mobile devices and support finger touch.

E-mail Forms

Create e-mail forms so that visitors can write or register: include the captcha to protect against spam.

Product Catalogs
Present your products at their best and quickly create catalogs that show visitors at a glance what you have to offer in your online store.

Custom HTML Code
If you want, you can modify the HTML page code, or add new code lines: there’s a built-in HTML editor to help you.

Multi-Language Webites
If you want an international audience, offer your website in different languages: UTF8 support ensures you can use any alphabet.

Built-in FTP Engine
Use the built-in FTP engine to publish your website online: it supports secure connections and saves time by only publishing modified pages.

SEO Optimization
Just follow the instructions: it’s easy to optimize pages for the search engines and activate services such as site access statistics.

Online Administrator Panel
Access the online control panel as administrator, to moderate comments in the blog and guestbook.

Mobile Support
Everything on your website is fully functional on mobile devices too, including e-commerce, so you don’t have to duplicate the website. Touch technology is also supported.

Download WebSite X5 Evolution 11 DEMO Here

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