[Freebie] 22 FUN Activities For Kids Free eBook

[Freebie] 22 FUN Activities For Kids Free eBook

| March 14, 2011

The book is beautiful, if I say so myself. The illustrations by Erika Taguchi are simply superb. Just print it out on your printer and your child will have many days of enjoyment while developing their own creativity. Or, better yet, let your child read the book from the computer and they will develop computer skills at the same time.

Your child will Improve: conversation skills, interaction with friends, observation skills.

Your child will Learn to: cooperate with others, recycle instead of throw away, measure liquids, tie a knot, use a ruler.

Your child will Improve: sense of patience, color appreciation, manual dexterity, color coordination.

Your child will Develop: sense of pride, an artistic flair, sense of design, appreciation for the written word.

Your child will Increase: hand/eye coordination, and an eye for detail.

Your child will Learn About: recycling, sharing, money, shapes and colors.

Your child will Sharpen: reading and writing skills.


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