[Freebie] Blockade game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

[Freebie] Blockade game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 16, 2011

In light of the current widespread devastation caused by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan as well as other locations, Blockade is currently free. Please consider donating your money to the Redcross or other humanitarian organization that will provide relief to all of the victims instead.

The mighty crime Syndicate needs a navigator to manage ships transporting cargo and passengers in the quarantined Angelhill sector, and you’re it!

Space ship captains will rely on you to safely guide their ships in and out of the sector.

Load the ships. Leave the area through a jump gate. It’s simple.

Or is it? Watch out for cops, mines, asteroids, malfunctioning equipment and secret weapons!

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