[Freebie] de.Mess.ify 3D game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

[Freebie] de.Mess.ify 3D game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 12, 2011

deMessify is a simple 3D puzzle game with realistic physics and pretty graphics. It presents puzzles with several Spheres and beams that interconnect them. Goal of the game is to move and arrange the spheres such that no two beams overlay each other.

demessify draws gameplay elements from several different genres and blends them together into a unique puzzle game. Physics, 3D player view, etc. are not merely for appeal, they are crucial elements to solve puzzles.

– 60 Levels with hours and hours of gameplay
– Pretty graphics with multiple themes, Realistic Physics, 3D Camera View
– Obstacles, frozen Orbs, etc. for interesting variations to gameplay.
– Post high scores on Facebook

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Category: Freebies, Games

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