[Freebie] Necromancer Rising game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

[Freebie] Necromancer Rising game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 16, 2011

Search Mission Europa in the app store!.. Mission Europa is the product of a year and a half more development of Necromancer Rising. Mission Europa is a totally new and extra ordinarily exciting Sci-Fi adventure in the veins of System Shock 2.. CHECK IT OUT!

Necromancer Rising is a huge game with 50 levels of excitement and adventure. Running on the latest build of the SouLEnginE it also looks amazing. This is a FULLY EXPLORABLE fps. You are the last remaining Battle Priest of the king’s army. Your family has been slaughtered buried and their bodies robbed from their grave. Your task is to travel down into the Necromancer’s lair and destroy his generals and minions. As you proceed you will regain your former strength and some day be able to destroy the necromancer himself!…

– Amazing console quality graphics and speed!
– Great frame rate designed for even the oldest devices.
– Specialized dungeon creator that creates the dungeons as you descend.
– Ghoul generator that creates enemies from parts as you descend.
– 16 equipment locations that each show on your character.
– Unique model creation system that combines pieces to create objects in real time. Thus there are 15000 possible sword models alone.
– 49 bosses to defeat.
– Item creation.
– Quest system.
– Extreme play time value of 60+ hours.

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