[Giveaway] Abelssoft CryptBox 2012 free for 72 hours! [Forum exclusive]

[Giveaway] Abelssoft CryptBox 2012 free for 72 hours! [Forum exclusive]

| April 4, 2012

More and more personal data is saved on PCs. Documents, Letters, Photos and even monthly statements of accounts are often stored unencrypted. Many people underestimate the risk. The data is visible for everyone, who has access to the computer. Hackers are able to find these files easily, even if they have been deleted already. CryptBox allows you to store your data securely. CryptBox creates Safes, which look like normal drives and which can be filled with data like you are used to in Windows.

CryptBox Features:

  • Easy Encryption by Wizards
  • AES-256 Encryption Algorithm
  • Systemdrive encryption
  • Install PortableApps into your Safe
  • TravelSafe
  • iPhone/iPod as key for your Safe
  • File shredder
  • MemoryProtect©

CryptBox is a TrueCrypt-like encryption program that does container-level encryption, i.e. having multiple files stored in one encrypted container (or a “safe”, in the case of CryptBox), not single-file encryption like AxCrypt. I expected CryptBox to be another lame attempt to challenge the encryption dominance of TrueCrypt. But as they say, don’t judge a program by its competition; whereas I expected CryptBox to fail, it turns out CryptBox impressed me.

CryptBox creates secure safes that are handled like normal drives and which can be filled with your data. All content of those safes is encrypted. Safes can only be opened if you know the password. CryptBox helps you to store your data in a secure safe. It encrypts your data with the AES-256 algorithm, which is approved for top secret information in the USA. CryptBox makes it easy for you to safely store your data. For all important tasks, there are easy to use wizards, which help you step by step to your own safe. Existing folders can be converted into a safe for example. CryptBox accepts different types of passwords for a safe. You can use your iPod as a key to open and close your secure data safe if you wish. You can also use any other USB device, a plain password or a series of images to open your safes. CryptBox allows you to create a TravelSafe, which can be exported to an USB-Stick or on a CD.

The program can be used to encrypt individual files, or even entire folders but adding them to or transforming them into an encrypted safe. These safes can be secured with 256-bit AES encryption and can only be accessed when the correct passcode is provided. If you would like to secure a large number of files quickly and easily, but also make it easier to access them, encrypted safes can be mounted as a drive in Explorer and you also have the option of encrypting entire drives.


An advanced yet approachable security tool that protect you and your files in a number of ways.

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