[Giveaway] Balliland XL game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

[Giveaway] Balliland XL game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| April 2, 2011

The basic idea is simple: guide the three little guys into a straight line. Helping you – and hindering you – are various objects like crates, blocks of ice, wormholes and deadly moving saws. What looks like a friend may turn out to be a foe, and an exploding bomb isn’t always a bad thing! Plan wisely – and pick up as many award badges as you can along the way!

– Fun puzzle solving and quick action sequences
– Colorful themes and game elements
– 120 widely varied levels and more coming soon!
– Hints reward system with gameplay objectives
– Unlimited Undos
– Beautiful graphics and animations
– iPhone 4 (Retina Display) support
– 8 months in the making!


Category: Games, Giveaways and contests

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