[Giveaway] BufferZone Pro FULL VERSION

[Giveaway] BufferZone Pro FULL VERSION

| December 17, 2010

Anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam are recommended as a good basis for securing your PC. But the limitations of these popular security suites are well known. Anti-virus can take up to several days to respond to new Internet threats and needs constant updates and maintenance. This results in even more critical time for your security software to finally be updated against a new threat. Meanwhile, you are completely exposed and unprotected.

BufferZone Pro contains your Internet activities inside an isolated environment called the “Virtual Zone.” The Virtual Zone is displayed as a red border around your screen. All potentially threatening programs and files remain isolated from your personal files and your PC’s operating system. Your personal and private information stay in a separated trusted environment. All virtualized and trusted programs and files are easily viewable in the same interface.

BufferZone Pro is free to download now. You don’t need a license. Download and install. Hurry Up!

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