[Giveaway] CintaNotes Pro 2.8

[Giveaway] CintaNotes Pro 2.8

| November 18, 2014

CintaNotes is a quick and easy to use note-taking app for Windows. If you read a lot online and need to save information for later, CintaNotes will become an indispensable tool for you.

To take a note, just select text in any application and press the hot key. Immediately the text will appear in CintaNotes, along with the title of the source application and the URL.

So search, just start typing. CintaNotes features an impressive as-you-type full-text search engine.
Organize your notes into notebooks, sections and tags. A unique feature of CintaNotes is ability to use tag union, subtraction and intersection to quickly filter the notes list.

Unlike some other note-taking solutions, CintaNotes can work 100% offline, and you don’t have to be online just to view your notes. But if you want, you can synchronize notes between multiple computers and devices using built-in Simplenote and Dropbox syncing.

CintaNotes is built upon SQLite, which is an industry acclaimed embedded database, and can easily handle large notebooks of up to 100,000 notes. Notes can be exported into TXT, HTML and XML formats, so you can be sure that your notes won’t be trapped in a proprietary format.



[Giveaway] CintaNotes Pro 2.8

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