[Giveaway] Crave World Clock

[Giveaway] Crave World Clock Pro

| June 8, 2014

The Crave World Clock is a program that keeps you informed on the time zones for other countries and regions on earth. The program can be configured to see in front of your desktop or screensaver as around the globe with details and if any day or night in a particular region or country, can be configured in more than one watches (analog or digital) and in different colors or shapes and monitor and other locations.


The installation program is very easy even for beginners, has many languages, friendly environment with a nice relaxing colors and a variety of choices and options for basic advanced options, nevertheless important is that you do reboot system like other programs in its category.



The Crave World Clock is a very easy and enjoyable program for users using it so you do not have many difficult choices. The options are Add Analog Clock, Add Digital Clock, Set as Wallpaper, Set as Screensaver, Show Day night shades, City & Time Zone Manager, Calendar at a glance, Program Options, Online Help.


The program can remember the user through sound and through calls for difference or time differences to seek country codes from all over the world, has a neat calendar where you can be updated at any time but the date and times of an activity want to do that day, you can very easily find a number of countries, cities, regions across the globe.


The images are taken from NASA and Google and Visibility in detail, also can be determined and the range if the particular area or continent storm clouds.


The program can be downloaded for free and if you like and are interested in you after 14 days to buy it via paypal or avangate payment methods.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Crave World Clock Pro allows you to keep track of current time for major cities and time zones on a world map. You can add themed analog and digital clocks on your Windows desktop and keep track of current time for cities around the world. A time finder tool allows you to quickly find current time for any city or country you like. A reminder tool allows you to set reminders for appointments, meetings, phone calls etc. according to other time zones. A popup will be displayed with a reminder message at the specified time in the specified city or time zone. It also has a calendar tool which displays calendar for entire year at a glance. You can choose the year for which the calendar needs to be displayed apart from current year. Crave World Clock also has a tool which displays international dial codes for all countries in a list which you can refer for your phone calls.

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