[Giveaway] Dark Nebula – Episode Two for iPhone, iPod and iPad

[Giveaway] Dark Nebula – Episode Two for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 18, 2011

IMPORTANT: If you should experience any trouble running this game, simply restart your device and then run the game again. The highly anticipated sequel to Dark Nebula is finally here, and it’s twice as long! The best way to sum this game up is that it’s like a labyrinth game but on steroids. Just tilt the device to move your character through the levels while avoiding traps, opening doors, bouncing, sliding and not falling off.

Designed by game industry veteran Anders Hejdenberg, lead designer of many world class games, including Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

* Over 25 completely new enemies and obstacles.
* 19 action-packed levels that span across six different environments, from lush jungles to barren wastelands.
* Completely new combat system that enables you to fight enemies.
* Cinematic musical score.
* Global leaderboards and facebook integration.

Dark Nebula – Episode Two is FREE this weekend!

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