[Giveaway] Darkspore Closed Beta 5000 Keys

[Giveaway] Darkspore Closed Beta 5000 Keys

| February 24, 2011

Alienware Arena is giving away 5,000 keys to access Darkspore’s closed beta weekends. Start the mutation process early as you become familiar with some of the heroes of the game.

About Darkspore:

For eons the Crogenitors traversed the galaxy, genetically transforming and sculpting living matter to their will. In their unchecked arrogance they created something they could not control – the Darkspore. Now the galaxy is under siege.

Using the powers of E-DNA, the Darkspore has transformed planetary populations into mutated hordes. Its sole purpose…to dominate life on all planets.

You are a fugitive, hidden for a millennium. Your mission…to reconstruct an arsenal of genetic heroes. And lead the battle against the Darkspore.

The time to strike back is now!

With this early preview of the game, you will be able to adapt faster than friends when the game is released.

This beta key will be valid only on the following weekends:

February 25-27

March 4-6

March 11-13

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