[Giveaway] Designer Pro 1.3 FULL VERSION Unlimited Activations for 72 hours

[Giveaway] Designer Pro 1.3 FULL VERSION Unlimited Activations for 72 hours

| February 7, 2011

As a desktop application the program is a fine tool to create product drafts. You can create a preview of how your product might look like on screen with the customer at your side. The three dimensional preview in the Designer will get the idea in how your product might look like. This improves transparency of the production process and increases customer satisfaction at your side.

Designer Pro has the following functionality:

  • Free usage of the program for variable document sizes
  • different models for delineation and image placement: t-shirt, coffee cup, button, baseball-cap, ballpoint pen, ladies- and gents polo-shirt, longsleeve, if required we will create other virtual objects for you (will take additional charge)
  • creates SVG files for use with plotters and illustration or desktop publishing programs
  • export to PDF for easy e-mail communication with your customers
  • imports SVG files
  • besides RGB support a color plate is available which allows working with special materials, e.g. foil types or names of particular yarns

For the complete list of features click here

In cooperation with WeebMeister (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 72 hours unlimited activations for the FULL VERSION! of  Designer Pro 1.3.

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