[Giveaway] Download Boxoft Photo Magic Maker FULL VERSION with serial

[Giveaway] Download Boxoft Photo Magic Maker FULL VERSION with serial

| January 7, 2011

Boxoft Photo Magic Maker is software which provides you all-sided magic effects for touching up your photos. With easy clicks, you can create stunning photos with multiple amazing effects, such as dazzling star lights, artistic water waves, classical color types, and so on. You will enjoy the funny decorating process to make your lovely photos.

Main features:

  • Edit images with adding multiple effects;
  • Directly get images form PC or Digital Camera;
  • Preview image effect while processing;
  • Support double-click to view picture;
  • Provides different kinds of effects: Sketch, Light, Star, Water, Weather, etc;
  • Support undo or redo your operations;
  • Allow save images in different formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP;
  • Enable print out edited images directly;
  • Allow choose Paper size or define manually before printing;
  • Support MirrorPrint edited picture.

Note: this is not a Tipradar.com official giveaway. We post it as is.

To get the FULL VERSION go to the promo page and fill the form, click on the checkbox to accept, click Registrierung abschiken.

After you recive the email, click the link confirmation JETZT aktivieren….

A new page will open. Click Bonus-Programm

Insert the license and click to Hier Klicken Zum Downloaden to download the program.

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