[Giveaway] Download Serif PhotoPlus 10 for FREE

[Giveaway] Serif PhotoPlus 10

| August 26, 2012

As a reader of Web User you can download PhotoPlus 10, Serif’s full image editing suite, for free (Original list price £59.99)! So start editing and enhancing your photos today with some of these powerful features:

* Powerful enhancement tools
Correct common image problems like lighting and red eye. Plus, remove people and object with PhotoPlus’ clone tool.
* Layer management
Edit non-destructively using layers and create layer groups to help manage complex compositions.
* Easy Image extraction
Use edge detection tools to cut out people and objects from your photos quickly and easily.
* Artistic effects
Create instant art by transforming your photos into a water colour, oil painting or pencil sketch.
* Wide file compatibility
PhotoPlus 10 works with all common image formats including RAW and Adobe® Photoshop files.
* Batch processing
Save time by processing groups of photos in one operation or recording macros to automate multiple edits.

[Giveaway] Serif PhotoPlus 10

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