[Giveaway] Fallout game, limited time offer

[Giveaway] Fallout game, limited time offer

| April 7, 2012

The combat in Fallout is turn-based with character level progression. Fallout has a wide variety of weapons and items to choose from when battling enemies and you gain experience as well as skill points for defeating those enemies and completing quests and tasks. You can also have NPC’s join your party to help you in your quests. Another unique aspect of Fallout is Karma. You can determine the demeanor of you character whether good or bad depending on your actions.
Overall Fallout is the first RPG in a great series of Fallout games. A unique storyline, immersive world, and defined gameplay make this a must-have for fans of RPG’s.


  • First episode of one of the greatest role-playing game series on PC.
  • A fascinating scenario, like the best science fiction novels!
  • A patch to play in a HD mode.
  • A post-apocalyptic atmosphere, with great graphics and soundtrack.
  • A very efficient gameplay for hours and hours of fun!

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