[Giveaway] FREE Cyberghost VPN Premium Account for 1 year

[Giveaway] FREE Cyberghost VPN Premium Account for 1 year

| March 2, 2011

Everyone is curious by nature. Everyone likes gossiping about others and swapping news. But no one would really like to be secretly spied on. That’s why they close doors whenever we want to be left undisturbed or chat on the phone with friends without anyone listening in.

There is little privacy on the Internet. Website operators would like to know what you’re interested in. Businesses want to know what you’re up to on the Internet. Public authorities, secret services etc. want to know as much as they can about their citizens. It’s time for you to protect yourself and your privacy!

Would you like to be told by your bank some time in the future: ”Your Internet transactions are subject to a credit limit.“? You are fully entitled to decide yourself to whom you wish to provide which information about yourself and your actions.

You leave behind a load of trails when you surf on the Internet, but not only on your PC. Each access provider knows exactly when you visited which websites. Many websites save your address and the details of what you looked at.

How to use: create an account at Cyberghost or use your existing one. Go to “activate serial number” and insert this promo code: quale157

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That’s it.

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