[Giveaway] Geotag Security Pro FULL VERSION Unlimited Downloads for 72 hours

[Giveaway] Geotag Security Pro FULL VERSION Unlimited Downloads for 72 hours

| January 27, 2011

When posting a photo on your favorite Social Network, online photo gallery, or web page, you are inviting danger. Let’s face it, we all post updates with cute pictures of our kids, or snap shots while out with our friends. When we upload these photos we are telling potential predators our exact location. Most smartphones and some cameras made today are equipped with geo tags. Geo tags are imbedded in the picture and use the same concept as GPS.

Did you know that when you share photos online, you put your privacy at stake – more then you imagine?

Your photos can tell everyone who’s watching them

  • where you live
  • where you spend your time
  • when there is noone home
  • where you park your car
  • and other information that you wouldn’t want to tell

How it happens?

When you make a photo with smartphone or camera, it’s more then just an image. Most modern smartphones and some cameras can add geo tags – information about exact location where photo has been made. And anyone watching your photo can get it.

How you can protect yourself?

You can turn off GPS feature on your phone, but you might need it for navigation. And it won’t help you if you get images with geotags from other sources – such as your friends.

The best way to make sure there are no geotags in your photos is to run a free scan with Geotag Security. How it works?

  • Download Geotag Security
  • Select a folder to check
  • Geotag Security will scan a folder, find any image files with geotags and remove them

How you can protect your family?

If you don’t want to compromise your family privacy with photos revealing location, you need to make sure that no member of your family is sharing photos with geotags. It is very easy to do with Geotag Security PRO. You just need to install it to all computers in your household and make it monitor folders where photos are kept. So now when a new photo with geotag gets into this folder, Geotag Security PRO will remove geotags.

In cooperation with Geotag Security (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 72 hours unlimited activations for the FULL VERSION! of  Geotag Security Pro,  worth $19.95 each.


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