[Giveaway] Glary Utilities PRO lifetime licenses

[Contest] Glary Utilities PRO lifetime licenses

| November 28, 2013

Glary Utilities Pro, a great program to maintain your computer optimized. Glary Utilities Pro is a full feature which can maintain your computer clean, optimized, and secure with Glary Utilities. It helps you maintain in in 1-click or manage it with the various modules.

Installation is quick and easy. Just a few steps from Welcome screen, Terms and Conditions, Installation, and if you want to launch program after installation – which then brings

you to where to put key or test it out for 30 days.

When you start up the Glary Utilities Pro you’ll start up on the 1-Click Maintenance where you can scan for issues for Registry cleaner, shortcut fixer, startup manager, temporary files cleaner, tracks eraser, and spyware remover. Which all of the scans are pretty quick which can be done in less than 5 minutes. If you want to go more advanced, then you’ll click on the

Modules tab where you can select from the various modules. On the modules you have clean up and repair where you can select disk cleaner, registry cleaner, shortcut fixer, and uninstall manager and each one gives you their selection on what you want them to scan. The uninstall manager lets you batch uninstall and also includes the windows update.

The next section is the optimize & improve where you can select what items you don’t want them to startup on the startup manager, optimize your memory in the background with memory optimizer, change or add to context menu with context menu manager, and defrag registry with registry defrag.

You also have your privacy & security where you can erase all your traces, evidence and anything else that the browser leaves behind with tracks eraser which lets you select what you want it erased from each browser. Then if you want to permanently delete any files where you cannot recover you can use the file shredder which you can select on how many times it repeats the operations and also clean out empty space. Did you ever have a time where you accidentally deleted a file and emptied the trash bin? Glary Utilities Pro has a file undelete where you can search for files that have been deleted.

This scan can take a while depending on the size of the hard drive and how many files you might have deleted or you can select a folder where you know the file was deleted for a faster scan. Then if there’s a file you want to protect you can use the file encrypter to encrypt files from being able to be access by anyone if you have a computer that has many users.

The files & folders section of the modules gives you a way to analyze the disk space with disk analysis. You can then find duplicate files which sometimes you might accidentally do so using the duplicate files finder which will help you find those files. You want to find those empty folders you can use the empty folders finder where it’ll find those empty ones and you can select those to delete so you don’t have to go manually looking for them. Finally you have the file splitter and joiner which makes it easy to manage large files into smaller manageable files or rejoin them later when transferred.

The final module is the system tools which gives you access to the process manager. It gives you some extra options than what task manager does and you can block the process from running or get more details of the process if in case you don’t know about the process or you can Google it. Also in the system tools you have a way to manage what internet explorer has or if it has been hijacked you can restore it to its defaults with internet explorer assistant. Then if you want to know more about your system you have the system information where it’ll collect the information and show you a detailed information of what hardware and software you have. Final is the windows standard tools where if you don’t know where the standard tools that windows has, this option gives you easy access to checkdisk, disk defragmenter, system restore, system

file checker and backup.
The first tab you see is the Status where you’ll manage the status of Glary Utilities Pro and see your license status, schedule a 1-click maintenance and check for updates. The menu tab gives you access to the restore center, help, fag, homepage, settings, skins, and about. The settings lets you configure Glary Utilities Pro to what you want from letting it start when window starts or minimize to the tray when closed, what context menu you want it to integrate to windows explorer.

You have access to the privacy tracks if you want them to erase when you logoff or shutdown windows and the options f or 1-click maintenance and automatic update. Formerly there’s the option of the Restore Center where you can select what modules you want it to protect and how long it should keep the backups and the number of backups it makes. Concluding is the ignore list where if you want something ignored when Glary Utilities Pro


Thoughts and conclusion
Glary Utilities Pro is a great featured utilities program which gives you the access to many modules. Glary Utilities Pro helps you in having fewer programs that does similar into one program and it does pretty well. Scans are quick but a scan that looks for files, or has to search to your many files can take some time depending on hard drive size and the amount of files you have. Each module and tools comes with the info you need and the options to select so no need to go to the main settings to change most of what you can do when you select each tool. Interface is nice and easy to go through so no way to not understand what each module and tool can do or you can use the help to figure out what it does. Glary Utilities Pro is recommended for its comprehensive and features which some of the similar would miss or not include.


Reviewer: lmanlo

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