[Giveaway] IdiomaX Translation 4.0

[Giveaway] IdiomaX Translation 4.0

| February 4, 2011

Have you tried to get a document translated lately? $50 a page or more for human language translation! Most small businesses, students and at-home workers need something more affordable, convenient and that offers a faster turnaround time.

With this intelligent program you can translate whole documents like DOC, PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, not word by word, but analyzing complete sentences. The translated texts preserve the original format. You can also make spell checking, edit your own dictionaries and select text specialties. You can translate in both directions between: English<->Spanish, English<->French, English<->Italian, Italian<->French, Italian<->Spanish and Italian<->German. The following specialized dictionaries can be used during translation: Computing, Business & Economy, Legal and Medicine.

To get the code, go to the promo page and fill the form with your email, then copy the password and install using it.

note: this is NOT an official Tipradar.com giveaway. We post it as is.

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