[Giveaway] Image Compressor 5.8 FULL VERSION

[Giveaway] Image Compressor 5.8 FULL VERSION

| February 27, 2011

Image Compressor 5.8 is the award-winning compression software that lets you compress your digital photos with a barely noticeable loss of image quality.But Image Compressor is much more than just a compression program, it is also a full screen editor.


Save up to 10 times more pictures on your hard drive and memory card. Compatible with the standard JPEG format with minimal quality loss. They will not tell the difference.

Reduce the time required to upload, download and transfer by e-mail. With a compression strength of up to 90%, Image Compressor sure that your images can be viewed by others.

The photos immediately with your websites compatible. Make known many photography and networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook and eBay limit the Gr6ouml; SSE of uploadable image. By Image Compressor Dateigr6ouml; use ßenbeschränkung this is a breeze.

Have your photo on a low-resolution device look better. With the high quality way to resize your photos on portable devices such as a digital picture frame, iPod, mobile phone and your TV look better.

Image compression for photographers. Improve photo quality with special effects.

Photo album. Create using a predefined template a great photo album.

Image processing. Choose from a series of powerful functions to make your pictures even more unique and change.

Image Comparison Compare two pictures with each other and the image is the degree of commonality between them calculate Compressor.

Red-eye Fix problems with red eyes in each of your images with natural-looking results.

Support for other effects such as removing noise, pencil sketch, and more effects are available.

To get the license go to this promo page and download.

Seril number: 8D08-A672-7078-56E0-53A9

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