[Giveaway] Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013

[Giveaway] Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013

| August 20, 2014

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 is a great alternative to Microsoft Office which gives you option of the type of interface you want to use from classic style or 2013 style (ribbon). Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 lets you work with tabs instead of having many open which could make it easier to see which ones you are working without having to maneuver your mouse on taskbar. There’s no real need to learn to use this and makes it a good alternative if you want don’t want to pay for MS office and still feel like you have one.



Installation is normal with the welcome screen, license agreement, add your product serial or trial, choose components, install location and install. After install is finished it’ll ask for what interface you want 2013 style or classic style, the next selection would be if what type of format you want it to safe to and if you want to create desktop icons. After that you can open one or all three, writer, spreadsheet, and presentation.



            The Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 comes with writer, spreadsheet and presentation which there are two interfaces you can choose which is the 2013 style or classic style, the 2013 style is a ribbon style while the classic is the old style interface that most come to use until the change was done on 2007. During the change of interface you


have the option to change the color to 9 different colors.


Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 comes with encryption and multiple document tabs which allows you to open several documents in the same interface without having too many of windows opened up. You can easily see the tabs you have opened and easily switch or create a new one. Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 can encrypt the documents which gives it an ability to add security to your files which no one without password will be able to open, modify or see the files.


Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 has a high compatible with Microsoft Office files, there wouldn’t be that much worries about having a compatibility problem with most files. As most workplaces, schools, etc. use Microsoft office having an office suite at home which is compatible with the files is good to have as makes it hard to use one that isn’t compatible. You are able to open Microsoft Excel files without the worry of some formulas or charts not showing or some formatting that was done on excel not showing on Kingsoft. This also includes Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files which most of what was formatted can be seen. A test was done with all 3, which the docx, xlsx, and pptx files all showed all formatting that was done like some picture formats on Word, Excel charts, and PowerPoint designs, animations and sound. The second test was done with a PowerPoint file which was created with Microsoft Office 2010 and opened with Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 and OpenOffice.org which Kingsoft opened with all the formatting including the sound that was recorded and openoffice.org didn’t even have all the formatting that was on the file including the design that was used where Kingsoft did include the design. You can see an example on a screenshot above which file was created on Microsoft Office.

Sharing your documents is quite easy which Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 comes with a built-in emailing function which lets you easily share documents. Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 has the ability to convert files into pdf which if you also need to share with someone who doesn’t have access to an office suite, you can convert it using the built-in pdf converter without having a need for an external conversion tool.

When using Kingsoft Office Writer 2013, you won’t really confuse of where what option is where as it has a known interface which doesn’t require much learning. The main tabs are Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Review, View and Section which each tab, as every ribbon tab has, different options you have to modify your document.

In each tab there are some that stand out from the rest when using Kingsoft Office Writer 2013. On the home tab, in the font section comes with a feature called Phonetic Guide which lets you clarify the pronunciation of words. In the insert tab the main features on insert tab is the forms which if in case you are creating a form you have options in adding check boxes, drop-down menus, protecting form, etc. which most of that feature is not included in most office suites.in the page layout the main feature here is that you can change the color of the page and insert a border to the page. You can’t add any line numbers or insert hyphenation but the tab is complete form many other office suites. The references tab main feature is the mail merge which when opened it’ll open a new tab which comes with extra options you can do. The view tab lets you view the tabs side by side so no need to worry about it not being able to use that feature because of the tabs. The section tab includes many features you can add to a document, you’re able to add a cover page with some templates included plus some templates for contents page.


Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets 2013, like the writer you are able to create new spreadsheets or modify already created spreadsheets. The tabs include Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View and Table Style.

In each tab there are some that stand out from the rest when using Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets 2013. In the editing section of the Home tab, there are two options that you can do without having to right click on the section of the spreadsheet, the Rows & Column and Worksheet which lets you have the options of editing the rows or columns or adding a new spreadsheet. In Insert tab, like the writer it includes a section for Forms which in case there is a form you have to create you have the option to do it without an extra application. The formulas tab which comes with all the formulas you need when using spreadsheets. The table style tab includes your editing of the tables with the styles you want.


Kingsoft Office Presentation 2013 you are able to create new presentations or modify already created ones. You are able to easily view any PowerPoint without any compatibility problem. With that in mind the design templates is limited to some but you can import design templates from Microsoft PowerPoint which comes in handy when you want to use a different one from the limited selection which includes only six. The animations seems to have all the transitions and effects that you would expect to have if you have used other office suites.

Conclusion & Thoughts

            Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 is a great alternative to Microsoft Office which has the highest compatibility with many office suites. The use of different office suites, due to workplaces, school or other offices having Microsoft Office, having an Office suite that is compatible with the formats from Microsoft office is good to have as from my use of many other suites, this have been the one that has the highest compatibility where others fail. There is no real learning curve with Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 due to having two interfaces you can choose from 2013(ribbon) and classic style, it runs quick and without lag so you are up and running in doing what you need to do without having to wait for it to open up.

What’s new in the latest version?

In addition to the features of Office Free 2013, such as one million rows and columns  in worksheet, saving files as DOCX, XLSX formats, the Professional edition supports VBA and Macro. The suite is robust and efficient enough to be trusted with even your most complicated office tasks.


In addition to being compatible with .doc and .docx formats, the latest version of Writer includes a
brand new interface and many new features like the Section Navigation Tab, Drag & Drop editing
and new cover page design options.

Writer 2013’s drag and drop tool allows you to tighten, loosen, widen or narrow paragraphs, and
arrange document layout in one easy motion.

Writer 2013 includes a variety of table styles, allowing you to depict your data vividly. You can also use the drag and drop tool to adjust table dimensions quickly.

Writer added a Section Navigation Tab to its new interface. The tab allows you to organize and navigate your paragraphs and portions of your document in sections.


Spreadsheets fulfills all your personal and professional data analyzing needs.
The application includes a calculator, graphing tools and supports more than 100 commonly used formulas and functions.

Spreadsheets 2013 includes two new, user-friendly  interfaces to choose from.  Or, switch back to the Classic interface in one  simple click—whatever you prefer!

Spreadsheets 2013 includes a built-in PDF converting sub-software. The Spreadsheets application plus PDF converter software is a great 2 in 1 deal.

161 commonly used formulas and functions including: conditional expressions, sorting, filtering consolidating, and much more..


Dynamic slides with flash, sound and animation capabilities,  as well as a variety of artistic backgrounds to choose from.

Presentation 2013 includes a built-in PDF-converting software. The presentation application plus PDF converter software is a great 2 in 1 deal.

Open several slide pages on just a single window interface; no need to switch among presentation windows.

And much more!

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[Giveaway] Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013

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