[Giveaway] LayerView FULL VERSION

[Giveaway] LayerView FULL VERSION

| March 5, 2011

LayerView is a fast, lightweight packet sniffer. It will show you exactly what data your computer is sending and receiving. After installation, LayerView should load automatically. If it does not, simply select LayerView from the LayerView Start Menu group.

The first time that LayerView loads, it will install the Packet Capture Driver. If this component is required you will be notified, and installation should only take a couple of seconds with minimal user interaction required. During this process you will probably receive a warning that you are about to install an unsigned driver – you can safely accept this security warning. (If you do not accept it then LayerView will not be able to run a packet trace. If you accidentally denied permission to install the driver, you can close and re-open LayerView to get the installation dialog back.)

LayerView is always free to the following:

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • Senior Citizens
  • Think you should qualify? Click here!

For a limited time (about 5 days from now), everyone can get a license to extend the 30 days trial.

Get the license here

via: qip.ro

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