[Giveaway] LeaderTask Standard

[Giveaway] LeaderTask Standard

| March 11, 2014

Keep your tasks, projects and contacts always at hand. Browse your task lists, get prompt reminders…All necessary information is always with you! Synchronize your tasks across different devices: Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone…

Complete your tasks on time! Achieve goals! More free time — more pleasure from life! LeaderTask Personal Organizer helps you to manage tasks, meetings, and contacts, with the ability to sync across all of your devices.


With LeaderTask Personal Organizer, all of your information is at hand, no matter where you are, and on every Windows, Android, or Apple device that you own. Have a free minute? Browse through all of your tasks, arranged in convenient and intuitive tree form, then prioritize and link them to contacts, dates, and more. Set reminders so that you never miss an important meeting.

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2. [Giveaway] LeaderTask Standard


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