[Giveaway] O&O DiskImage 7 Pro

[Giveaway] O&O DiskImage 7 Pro

| February 22, 2013

O&O DiskImage its new solution for data backup which now also offers native support for Windows 8. The revamped Control Center enables users to make an image of their entire system immediately after starting the program with no laborious configuration required. O&O DiskImage also images single partitions and drives as well as files and directories. Details and time schedules for images and backups can be individually set so that O&O DiskImage lends itself perfectly to both private use and professional use for companies.

O&O DiskImage can not only reconstruct lost data but also restore a system image onto entirely different hardware in the event of a system crash. This is done by way of a boot medium (CD or USB Stick) based on Windows PE, which brings back the normal work environment after a disaster in just a short space of time.



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2. [Giveaway] O&O DiskImage 7 Pro

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