[Giveaway] Paragon Disk Wiper

[Giveaway] Paragon Disk Wiper 11

| March 14, 2012

With a simple repartitioning or formatting but failed to do much. Savvy users to recover deleted data in this way , the “Paragon Disk Wiper” overwrites any data on the selected hard disk or partition with random number strings of ones and zeros. This process is repeated several times and verified in the last step. This way you can be sure that all personal data has been erased completely and irreversibly. In addition, with “Paragon Disk Wiper” the ability to create a delete-disk, which you also delete more data from disk may, if Windows will not boot. The “Paragon Disk Wiper” guarantees in its full version, the complete deletion of all sensitive data. The application of the tool may harm before Retire not from hard drives and computers.

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