[Giveaway] PewPew 2 game for Android

[Giveaway] PewPew 2 game for Android

| April 12, 2011

Here’s the long-awaited sequel to PewPew, the multidirectional shoot ’em up akin to Geometry Wars. Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a frame rate rarely achieved by other games. While there isn’t much of an in-depth story in PewPew, you’ll find plenty of enjoyment destroying your enemies over and over again.

There are seven very different game modes, including three favorites from the first PewPew:

  • Dodge This: As you collect boxes, there are more and more enemies moving around. Naturally, you have to dodge them all.
  • Assault: You fight against waves of enemies. Spoiler alert: At the end, they win and you die.
  • Chromatic Conflict (not safe for colorblind individuals): Enemies of different color appear. You can destroy only the ones that are the same color as your ship.

New modes include Pandemonium and Highway, as well as two more that must be unlocked.


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