[Giveaway] Picture Collage Maker Pro Free

[Giveaway] Picture Collage Maker Pro

| June 13, 2014

Picture Collage Maker Pro gives you the tools to create your own collages and be able to customize it the way you will like. It comes with many tools that you might not get with simple creators and various ways to add your photos. Picture Collage Maker Pro comes with many templates, backgrounds, frames, shapes, etc. that you will have much to work with.



Installation is normal with the welcome, licenses agreement, location and installation. When starting up Picture Collage Maker Pro, you are started with license information or you can try it out for 15 days.



Picture Collage Maker Pro starts up with create a new page which you can start from a blank Collage, go through the template collage wizard, create from a template, or use a grid collage wizard which will start every time until you uncheck the check box.


The interface of Picture Collage Maker Pro is simple but useful with the tools you need on your left side from Templates, Backgrounds, Photo, Masks, Frame, Clipart and shapes. Templates gives you many that you can use from Calendars, greeting cards, layouts, etc. Adding photos is easy and some templates gives you help on where you can add the photos, but you have the ability to just manually add it to where you want without adding it to where the template shows you.


The right section of the software shows you what pages you have and what have you done and showing you the layers. The top section shows you the main menu, new, open save, lets you open or save as new template, collage settings, adding photos, frames, clipart, etc., and way to share or adding your collage as a wallpaper. Picture Collage Maker Pro also lets you run a wizard to help you guide you through creating a collage or a grid collage.


The Options menu of Picture Collage Maker Pro gives you only simple settings which most should be able to be configured through the panels. The options are more of a way you save, what warnings you receive, how you add photos and the way it backup image on a project file.

Thoughts and Conclusion


            Picture Collage Maker Pro is a good software at creating collages and giving you the tools you need to create with the photos you have. Collages comes out great and easy to work with, which is great for beginners and no need for a big learning curve.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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[Giveaway] Picture Collage Maker Pro

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