[Giveaway Project Dogwaffle Howler Home

[Giveaway Project Dogwaffle Howler Home

| March 27, 2014

PD Pro Howler is fast digital painting and animation software powered by Project Dogwaffle, created by an artist for hobbyists and professionals alike.
1. Digital painting with many types of brushes, including natural media brushes, pigment lifting, particle brushes, foliage brushes, custom image and animated brushes + Huge collection of filters, many of them animated(!)
2. Video frame editing and post work for special FX, traditional frame-by-frame animation and painting with video on video, motion estimated interpolation, motion stabilizing, frame processing, tracking, chroma-keying, green screen, compositing, rotoscoping, etc…
3. 3D capabilities including lighting, 3D Perspective, elevation-map based 3D terrain generation with GPU acceleration, and new in v9: global illumination and ray tracing


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2. [Giveaway Project Dogwaffle Howler Home


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