[Giveaway] Remote Utilities 5.0 FULL VERSION Unlimited Activations for 48 Hours

[Giveaway] Remote Utilities 5.0 FULL VERSION Unlimited Activations for 48 Hours

| March 22, 2011

Remote Utilities (RUT) is lightning-fast remote control software that provides secure access to remote PCs, servers, and laptops. You can connect in a variety of connection modes using either a direct IP to IP connection, or a new exciting ‘Internet ID’ feature.

An Internet ID is a feature/technology that allows firewalls and NAT services to be bypassed when connecting to an RUT-server. It is not necessary to know the IP or DNS address of the remote PC anymore; all that is needed is its Internet ID – a unique identification number generated by the RUT-server. No special network configuration is necessary.

Remote Utilities consists of two components: the free RUT-Viewer component that is installed on the local PC and the RUT-Server component that is installed on the remote PC.

The program has a variety of security options to ensure the safety of passwords and traffic between the RUT-Viewer and RUT-Server. All data Remote Utilities sends over the network is encrypted with the secure encryption algorithms (a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key) certified by Microsoft Corporation.

This giveaway, in cooperation with Remote Utilities (sponsor of this giveaway), is a free RUT-Server Classic license for 1 PC. When you activate your free license you will also be given a special promo code that will allow you to buy more RUT Classic licenses with 50% off the price.  That additional promo code is valid until the 5th of April, 2011.


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