[Giveaway] Wise Care 365 Pro

[Giveaway] Wise Care 365 Pro

| August 22, 2013

In windows we encounter many problems that do happen sometimes, but a common one is the optimization of the operating system and this notice after a while after you have installed the operating system. files are stored in this garbage that not even we occupy, and not know that but we have to solve all these problems before us we have a tool very effective wise care 365 pro, Which is an all in one program this program will help us optimize our computer completely; making it faster just helps us to delete all those pesky junk files. that accumulate over time on our computer, as well as keep you defragment your hard drive to make more agile and fast our system itself. This program fulfills its functions perfectly making it one of the best market optimizers.


Installation is very simple with just a few clicks and you will have installed the program. Once installed, the program will ask in which language you want to have, then I want to ask you to put interface has some very nice skins and very nice that you can choose to your taste. Then in the next window give us a brief tutorial on the features and advanced settings and also the protection of privacy, and finally asks if we want to participate in the program to share user experience, here we choose if we want to participate or not to this to send basic information about how we use our programs.



Pc Checkup:

To open the program we find a very elegant and simple interface in the first instance, we have the option to complete analysis with a single Click. this option allows with one click to solve all the problems you have our computer, for example optimization and elimination of privacy also remove unnecessary files on the right side to have some options referring to them later.


System Cleaner:

In the second module we have the option we choose cleaner system with 4 functions are: registry cleaner, cleaner common, advanced system cleaner and slimming. All are focused on when to clean first talk about the registry cleaner option; this option is very complete because with it we can make deep cleaning in order to optimize the registry and clean junk files. then we have the option of common cleaner this function is very simple, but effective because it eliminates waste and useless files in the system. then we have the option advanced cleaner here give us the possibility to find ourselves useless files that occupy the systems and so to eliminate them, we finally slimming system this is the option that I like about this module, because with it we can delete the cache stored for long windows can also delete files after installing updates. Have been installed you can delete these unnecessary files, we then help files and wallpapers eliminate this if you want to recover more space on your hard drive.


System Tuneup:

In the third module we have 5 that are very useful functions that are also: system optimizer, disk defrag, registry defrag, startup manager and context menu. System Optimizer with this function can accelerate the startup and shutdown of our system. more stable return as well make it faster then find the disk defrag function is one of the options that best uses this program, because with it we can easily defragment hard drive then we Registry Defrag with this function, can optimize registry and improve system speed startup manager. With this function can choose the programs we want to start with the system, as we can stop the services are running in real time on the system then there are bigger context menu function with this function. can enable or disable the various options for each program that we present in the same.


Privacy Protector:

Then we have the fourth module the privacy protector of one of the most important in this program. are the functions of privacy eraser, disk eraser, file shredder and password generator. let’s start with the function with this Privacy Eraser, can wipe all traces of the history of both the browser as the system itself, with disk eraser function can completely remove deleted files from our computer, and thus never able to recover with file shredder function can overwrite the files. You have previously deleted to make them completely unrecoverable then. we finally function password generator with it can improve safety in Access to our accounts.


Wise Utilities:

Finally we have the module utilities wise this tab offers several free tools. that are very good also For example: a RAM optimizer that is very good, a recovery of files, a task scheduler, file protector, a tool to uninstall programs, another to recover files, one for speed gaming performance and optimize them. And finally a search to find all your files on your computer all the tools, are very good and recommended both.



Wise care 365 pro is a great program that you can always have a great performance on your pc, Forget about having a computer slow if you are looking for a program to keep your system fast. This is the best option you can find; it is noteworthy that wise care 365 has two versions, a pro version to charges and another free version. The difference between these two is that in the pro version you can have all skins you want and also have the module Data Privacy elimination. in free version does not have these two options, that’s the difference wise care pro 365 is an excellent program that cannot miss is our pc.

Wise care 365 pro is compatible with: Windows 8/7Vista/XP

[Giveaway] Wise Care 365 Pro

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