[Giveaway] ZENONIA 2 game for Android

[Giveaway] ZENONIA 2 game for Android

| April 11, 2011

The popular mobile app ZENONIA gets a worthwhile makeover with ZENONIA 2. Years after Regret saved Zenonia from the darkest evils imaginable, new evil has begun to spread once again. This time, it’s up to four characters–Lu, Ecne, Morpice, and Daza–to save Zenonia from the evil that threatens to destroy everyone in its path.

ZENONIA 2 is role-playing at its finest with epic storylines, well-rounded characters, multiple maps, and elaborate scenery from level to level. As each story unfolds, you’re bound to be drawn in with each new twist and turn.

You best be prepared to lose hours to the epic play that is ZENONIA 2.

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