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| April 10, 2012

Everyone loves to have their data (music files, pictures, documents, etc) with them, or at least accessible all the time- from anywhere.

GoodSync helps us by solving not only the above purpose but also backup our data. As per the developer, it uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional synchronization.

Starting with the installation, the installer is of ~14Mb and results in a disk installation of 100Mb. The whole installation process is simple.

At first run, it asks (optional) to setup a connection to other computers. If you select NO, it configures in Local mode.

Then it asks to create a first job for either synchronize data or do a backup. By default, it includes “Hidden & System files”.

Now let us see some real action. Yeah!

A. Synchronize data job

This is a 2-way process, where you select two different locations for which you want to have the same data. Click Analyze button and review the proposed changes. Based on analyze log you could go-ahead and sync your Files. SIMPLE!!

(Please note that GoodSync uses terminology of left and right folders as per the location on the interface pane shown below.)

In the example above I tried to sync the same folders (for both left & right) C:Documents and SettingsNetworkService, and the analyze log showed “Left and right folders are the same”, hence no action taken/required.

In another example, I tried to sync a folder on C: with an empty folder on USB drive. As expected “Analyze log” showed correct number of files to copy. The sync went smooth and the files were copied. As the drive was USB and mounted to F:, GoodSync suggested to rather remember it as a New Volume instead of F:, so that next time if the same USB gets mounted to a different drive; it’s still recognized properly.

So this was the sync job while will be helpful for having a sync between different devices, drives and other data options.

Please note that GoodSync offers to select the left (source) drive to be any one of the following:

  1.  My Computer
  2.  GoodSync Connect
  3.  Windows Shares
  4.  FTP
  5.  WebDAV
  6.  Amazon S3
  7.  SFTP
  8.  Google Docs
  9.  Windows Azure
  10.  Amazon Cloud Drive
  11.  SkyDrive
  12.  WinMobile

However, I found following options missing:

1. Dropbox cloud is missing. Hope they would hear me and add the support for the same.

2. There is no option to provide multiple right folders. This should be useful when we have to sync multiple folders/drives, which is currently feasible only by creating multiple jobs.

Other options worth mentioning for Synchronize data jobs

  1.  It allows analyzing/synching multiple jobs.
  2.  It allows swapping job directions.
  3.  Import/export jobs should you have to reinstall the application.
  4.  It has filters to exclude certain file types, as specified.
  5.  There is an option to exclude empty folders.
  6.  Do an auto sync once a (usb) drive is connected, or do an auto sync at a user specified time/interval.
  7.  There is an option to compare MD5 checksums for files, thereby eliminating any duplicate content being synced.
  8.  There is an option to include system & hidden folders.


B. Backup data jobs

These jobs are one-way jobs, which propagate the changes from left (read source) to right (destination) folders. For these jobs, system & hidden files are included by default.

Action time again!!

Here I tried to backup a folder on my drive to USB drive.

I tried to backup the folder C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsPdfGrabber-1 on my local drive to my USB (F:) drive.

As the right folder (drive) didn’t had enough free space to backup, the analyze log warned about the same.

“Not enough free space on disk file:///F: need 335 MB, have 138 MB”

However, I was surprised to see the Sync button enabled and that it went ahead with the sync. Next shock was to see GoodSync not doing a good job – deleting from my USB to make space. NOT AT ALL GOOD.

See below for the delete entries in the log window.

At this point, I stopped the job.

My next attempt – try to do a backup on the drive.

Here I tried to backup local folder C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopGoogleChromePortable to another location on local drive:


The backup went smooth with no issues. I then tried to check for incremental back (creating some dummy files in the source folder) and GoodSync was able to identify them and copied only the modified/new files.

I noticed that “Analysis results” (file/folder tree) gives you an option to NOT COPY file/folders during the sync. In my view, I find this very useful, as we may not want to backup everything, or certain files/folders- which are open/in-use currently.

Some shortcomings for Backup data jobs:

1. The estimated remaining time keeps changing.

2. There is no percentage option to see how far the backup has gone through. There is just a blue bar.

3. The analyze log has a repeated entry for no use (may be a bug). Moreover, this double entry appears every time – not sure why.

On disk file:///C: space required for sync is 20.0 KB, you have 8.32 GB

Last but not the least I noticed that for both the job types Sync(2-way) and Backup (1-way) the interface shows 2 green arrows. Should it now have only a single arrow for Backup (1-way) jobs????

Other features worth mentioning:

  1.  Tabbed interface for jobs.
  2.  Able to export & import jobs.
  3.  Ability to sync/backup individual files and not just the folders.
  4.  Ability to schedule jobs using Windows Task Scheduler.
  5.  Command-line support

Over all speaking I quite enjoyed using GoodSync. It fits my needs, does what it says, and stands for. I would be happier to see the following points taken care of by the developer.

  1.  Support for Dropbox cloud service.
  2.  An option to provide multiple right (destination) folders.
  3.  A percentage (%) notification alongside the blue progress bar.
  4.  Ability to integrate virus scanner using the current system-installed anti-virus.

Reviewed by Grr

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