Grab 20GB of PogoPlug Cloud Storage for Free

Grab 20GB of PogoPlug Cloud Storage for Free

| April 16, 2013

Want to see your Thanksgiving photo album from 2001, or graduation photos from 25 years ago? No problem! Pogoplug organizes all your photos into a timeline and lets you view all these photos from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Best of all, your photos are stored in our cloud, keeping your mobile storage free for things like apps.

View your entire photo collection, listen to any song in your music library and watch all your videos while on the go. Pogoplug makes it possible to play anything in your cloud from any device, including your smartphone, tablet or another computer.

Pogoplug makes it easy to share large files and entire photo albums instantly and securely. Share your album of holiday photos and videos and allow family members to add their own snaps. Or share a 1GB file with a colleague instantly. Pogoplug even lets you publish photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click.


Grab 20GB of PogoPlug Cloud Storage for Free

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