Grab 25 GB Could Storage for FREE

Grab 25 GB Could Storage for FREE

| October 8, 2013

Drop your documents directly into your free online storage space using a web interface or apps for PCs and mobiles. You can then access your files wherever you are, using these same applications – on the move, at a friend’s house or in the street on your smartphone…

What’s more, with the free hubiC Cloud, your documents are safe. What if your computer is lost or gets stolen? Your files will be available on hubiC and you can quickly retrieve them. Finally, all documents stored on hubiC can easily be shared with friends and family in just a few clicks.

How much can you store with 25 GB?

You can store over 6,000 high-res photos, 416 hours of music in .mp3 format, 12.5 hours of video in DVD format for free… 25 GB is a lot – much more than the majority of other discovery offers.

hubicGrab 25 GB Could Storage for FREE

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