[Guest post] The Coolest Tablets of 2011

[Guest post] The Coolest Tablets of 2011

| August 20, 2011

When Apple launched the iPad, the concept of tablet computing was still in its beginning baby steps. But the market has caught on in a big way and almost all the electronic giants of the world have come up with some sort of tablet computer that not only satisfies the need of the consumer, but also pushes the boundary of the technological advancements used in the making of these devices. Companies like Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC and Acer have stepped up to the challenge, and Apple has responded back too. Looks like 2011 has been very exciting for the tech junkies.

HTC Flyer

HTC released the HTC Flyer to compete in the battle of the tablets. Running on Android OS, this device makes use of HTC’s experience in designing beautiful interfaces on the Android Platform and also developing a good mobile computing device. You would feel at home with this device if you have ever used an HTC phone before.

In fact, when we take all of the devices into consideration, we find that it would be a great idea to stick to the same company for a tablet computer as you have for your cell phone because the shift in the interface won’t affect you much and you will be able to adjust faster and better.

Motorola Xoom

Moving on, we have the Motorola Xoom which was the very first tablet to incorporate the Android Honeycomb. This is the version of the popular operating system that was developed specifically for the tablet computer market. This makes the Xoom great with performance and apps management. However, the lack of any physical buttons on the front bezel might come as a hard to get used to fact for most of us out there. The Xoom is also pricier than other tablets when compared specs wise.

Blackberry Playbook

Then we have the Blackberry Playbook. Designed specifically for Blackberry users, we can see the clear implication of not owning a BB Phone before buying the Playbook since it is not possible to use the email services of the tab unless you also have a BB Phone. This means that most people would probably turn down this product because it restricts them. On the other hand, this would also strengthen the already set market of Blackberry Phone Users who would love to migrate to the Playbook.


The company that tends to set the stage and raise the bar in technology is still Apple with their latest offering, the iPad 2. Coupled with dual cameras and better technological advancements than what most had expected, the iPad changes the ball game altogether. Few other tablets can actually come close to being able to match the iPad in the form factor game. Not only is the iPad much thinner and sleeker, but it also looks much better than most other tablets. The presence of the app store only makes things better for Apple.

The final verdict would be unfair if it pointed at a product. Instead, what I’ll say is that if you haven’t found the need to invest in a table just yet, that it may be worth the wait to see what is around the corner. If you don’t want to wait, by all means go buy one! Just do a little research and find out what other users are saying before investing in one.

This guest post was contributed by Veronica Davis. Veronica’s a freelance writer and internet business columnist. She recommends checking out special offers and coupons from Best Buy and similar stores to get a good deal on any new technology you want to get your hands on.

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