It's time to move to Google Plus now

It’s time to move to Google Plus now

| April 17, 2012

Google Plus is growing very rapidly, obtaining new followers than any social network ever did in the past. They added new features and will implement new ones soon. So why move to Google Plus? Because it will be the next generation social network. It’s not as big as Facebook yet but they will….

I’m writing this because i like to show you the top marketing techniques from Google and all of us should learn something from them. If you have nice content, let users share via G+, so make this process as easy as possible. This will pay in the long run.

Let’s start once. How do we add the Google Plus badge to our website? Easy!

Head over this page: here you can get the code you need.

Go to your Google account and click account settings and profile and privacy, get your account ID.

Return to the above url and insert your account ID in the white box:

After you get the code, just copy and paste in your header.php file (for WordPress) site within the <head> tag  and the </head> tag.

Add the other piece of code in the sidebar.php (WordPress)

You can also use some WordPress plugins or add your own image pointing to Google Plus.

That’s it

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