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[Giveaway] MailWasher Pro 2012, first come, first serve [Forum exclusive]

| January 20, 2012

Are you tired to receive spam emails from African saying to offer you money transfers to your account or would you like to fight the many Chinese emails which have no option to unsubscribe from them mailing lists. Get rid of the tons of Pharmacy product spam mails offering Viagra and co. then MailWasher is the right thing for you to solve all these nasties out from your email inbox before even your mail program downloads all the junk to your PC!

MailWasher from firetrust checks your email on the server so you can remove the spam, set filters etc… Then you use your email client to download the remaining good email from the server. The cleaned emails always remains on the server until you download it with your email client.

MailWasher requires a maximum of 110 MB Ram Peak cause it tries and grab as many resources as possible at once when it loads email. In idle mode the system load is only 8 – 17 MB.

An update with performance optimization is in work to minimize the resources and speed up the load.

The program is multilingual and require .NET v4.

This contest is for our forum users only. You can enter at this thread to participate.

Category: Giveaways and contests

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