Roxio Creator Discount Coupon – Up to 50% OFF

Roxio Creator Discount Coupon – Up to 50% OFF


November 16, 2019

Burning a data DVD is easy, anyone can do it. Authoring a video DVD, well that’s a completely different thing. We decided to go with Roxio Toast Titanium, and here’s why we chose to.

You may ask us what’s the difference between burning a DVD and authoring one. The difference is actually quite significant. You see, most data DVDs are either used as a backup or to be used with a computer. If you try to access the disc on a DVD Player for example, it may not work at all.

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Get Up to 50% OFF Roxio Toast Discount Coupon

Authoring a DVD ensures that the disc uses the correct format and the files that you add are properly converted, to those supported on a disc player. You can still use such discs on a Mac or a PC, but not the other way around.

Regular DVD burning apps do a half decent job, but that’s unacceptable, isn’t it? You need the best, like Roxio Toast. This isn’t merely a DVD authoring app, it also supports Blu-ray discs, but more importantly, you can use it for editing videos or to convert videos.

This is what you get when you buy Roxio Toast Titanium:

  • Disc Catalog Maker RE
  • Live Screen Capture
  • MultiCam Capture and Editing
  • MyDVD Pro
  • Roxio Secure Burn
  • Toast Audio Assistant
  • Toast Slice
  • Toast Titanium

Toast Titanium is the main app, and it is designed beautifully. The app has a dark theme for the interface, which makes it great for video editing. The GUI has dual panes, with a main area and a sidebar. There is a tab bar on the top of the UI, with 5 options: Data, Audio, Video, Copy and Convert.

Roxio Discount Coupon

The Data option is used to create a data disc, the video tab can make a video disc, and the audio tab, you guessed it, for a music or audio disc.

When you click on a tab, the side bar changes to display the corresponding options. For example, if you are on the Video tab, you will see options for editing the video output, resolution, bit rate, and other options.

The Copy tab, is where things get interesting. You can use this to create an exact copy of a disc, which is useful for taking a backup of an important disc. It is worth mentioning that this doesn’t work with encrypted discs or copyrighted discs. Still it can be a priceless option for backing up a wedding photo album or vacation videos, and other moments which can be nostalgic. You can optionally use the Copy tab to save a digital copy of the disc, on your computer. This can also be customized with your own settings like the audio, title, language, etc.

The Convert tab is another boon in this package, because it can be used to convert your video discs, to playable formats supported by your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS4, Xbox, etc. And unlike most video converters, the one in Roxio Toast actually has support for pause and resume. This allows you to shut down the machine, or free up resources for other uses, and pick up where you left off, at a later time.

Who says you need to have cameras to create a video from scratch? Do you want to make video tutorials on your computer? Are you a gamer and want to record in-game footage? You can do that and more, with Live Capture, Roxio Toast’s utility for recording on-screen content. Apart from capturing content on your screen, you can use the app to save streaming media (video and audio) to the local storage. This also works with other connected devices, and even on websites, discs. Plus, you can use the video editor that comes along with it, to trim the movie, per your liking, so it looks great.

There is one particular feature, which impressed us the most, and that’s Roxio Toast’s Multicam Editor. Like the name suggests it supports more than one camera, in fact you can use up to 4 cameras at the same time. You can use your Mac’s FaceTime Camera or any external one, and record the video from all the sources at the same time. How cool is that?

And editing the videos is a breeze, thanks to the Picture-in-Picture window in the interface. You can also add another source to your video using MultiCam, from local files that you have stored on your PC. So, you can mix in a little music, or add some photos or even other videos to the one you are editing.

You can use Roxio Toast to create discs which works on MacOS and Windows. Now that you have created a professional looking video, which you can be proud of.

You need to popularize it online by uploading it. Roxio Toast has social sharing options which you can use for your convenience. This allows you to share the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter.  Who knows, your video could turn viral.

Roxio Secure Burn is one you may like, if you want to protect your work. This feature allows you to burn a DVD/Blu-ray disc or a USB drive, which is secured with an AES-256 bit banking level encryption. So only those who have the password can access the contents, which reduces the risk of data theft greatly.  You can even throw in an extra layer of security,  by making the disk work exclusively on macOS devices, or only on Windows, or one that supports both operating systems.

There is another version of the app available, called Roxio Toast Pro. Basically, it has all the features of Titanium, and then some. Roxio Toast Pro offers more value, since It includes 4 extra apps in the bundle. These are all from Corel of course: Winzip Mac, Corel Painter Essentials, FotoMagico RE and Corel AfterShot.

While the Titanium version does support Blu-ray Disc authoring via a plugin, the Pro version offers native support for the same which allows you create Blu-Ray discs with ease. In addition to all this, you can also get 100+ templates for ToastMyDVD which will help you make DVD or Blu-ray discs by adding your own titles, menus and chapters, with the Pro version.

Roxio NXT:

Roxio Creator NXT is all you need for authoring DVDs and Blu-rays. But did you know you can also use the application for editing photos, videos and more?

Let’s explain all about it in this review.

First of all, you shouldn’t mistake Roxio Creator NXT for a single application. It is the ultimate suite of multi-media software, comprising of these applications:

Roxio Burn, Roxio Label Creator, Roxio MyDVD, Roxio VideoWave, Corel FastFlick, Live Screen Capture, MultiCam Capture, WinDVD 12, Corel AfterShot 3 and BackOnTrack 4.

All of these applications are designed to be user-friendly, and the interface of each is easy to navigate. So, we will dive in to the features of the applications in Roxio Creator NXT instead.

Roxio Burn is a CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burning software, but it can also do more. You can not only use it to burn discs from a source disc, you can also use an ISO image which you have on your hard drive. This can be handy for backing up your most valuable discs, in a 1:1 copy, or also to save a backup of your data.

If you normally use Windows Explorer to mount ISO images, you may have noticed that the operating system’s built-in File Manager doesn’t support other virtual disc formats. Don’t worry, Roxio Burn can be used as virtual disc drives. The application is pure magic in the sense it can fit a large high def DVD movie, on a standard capacity DVD. You can also use the program to save data from your discs on USB Drives.

Do you want to create your own labels and DVD case inserts? Roxio Label Creator is the answer. The application has several templates which you can select from. Don’t like those? You can use it to create your own custom labels.

Roxio MyDVD is a Disc creation application. And don’t let the name fool you, you can also use it to author Blu-ray discs, though it needs a plugin. You can use the program’s templates, which it has over a 100 of, to create a professional looking disc. Yes, you customize every aspect of the disc including the chapters, menus and the music, all of which can be added using drag and drop.

Roxio VideoWave is a video editing program, that is amazing. You can make a movie and customize it for your DVD/Blu-ray by choosing the transitions, chapters, titles, effects, and even pick from the filters that the application has.

You can create 3D videos from 2D videos, transform 360-degree videos to normal ones, add blur effects to your movies, and use lossless Smart Encoding for maintaining the best picture quality. The program excels at video conversion and includes support for  latest codecs like HEVC.

Roxio VideoWave is an excellent video editor, which you can use to create a movie from your photo collection. The application supports customizing the videos with titles, transitions, and effects that you can add quickly. The effects include several filters, and nature sounds, for you to choose from.

Corel FastFlick can be used to create videos from photos, like a slideshow, but you can add audio to it too. All it takes is 3 steps, pick your template, choose the photos or video to add to the photostory, and optionally edit it. The videos that you create can be saved in many formats, and can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook, from the program’s GUI.

Live Screen Capture can be useful for recording the screen’s content on your computer. This is useful for presentations, training videos, gameplay videos, etc. You can also select an application to capture the content from that particular window, or highlight an area of the screen. Recording audio is also possible using this program, and you can add it to your videos easily.

MultiCam Capture is without a doubt, the best we have seen. The program allows you to record from 2 sources simultaneously. So, you can use your webcam as a source and your computer’s screen as another and make a training video, or a let’s play video, etc. You can also connect a seconday camera

MultiCam Capture is perhaps the highlight in Roxio Creator NXT. It allows you to record content from multiple sources at the same time, and create a single output video.The resultant video is synced perfectly in terms of video and audio.

You don’t necessarily have to connect 2 cameras to record simultaneously, you can even record the content from your screen and use your webcam as the second source. Alternatively, you can also use pre-recorded videos with the Multi-Camera Editor, and work with it as a source.

Corel AfterShot is not your averge photo editor. There are a ton of options which you can use to enhance your photos greatly, with presets. There are so many options in it to choose from which grant you control over the color correction, exposure, cropping, etc. The program has over 250 RAW camera profiles, which can give you a better photo than a JPG or PNG.

If you have a large photo collection, you can batch process them all at the same time using Aftershot. The application even helps you organize the photos neatly, and you can search it instantly to find a photo or for creating a web gallery.

BackOnTrack is the best way to make sure you don’t lose your data. The program can be used as a data backup solution, or a complete operating system backup with all your applications, settings, files, etc intact. Or you could also use it to backup your iPod’s music, videos to your PC.

Roxio Creator NXT is available in 2 versions. A standard one, and a Pro version. The Pro version is the same as the standard, but with additional features and some extra applications packed in.

Roxio Creator NXT Pro offers support for 2 more cameras in VideoWave, so you can use up to 4 cameras at the same time as a source, in the multi-camera editor.

And likewise, Roxio Burn has an additional feature. You can use the application to encrypt a DVD/Blu-ray disc or a USB Drive with a secure password, to ensure that data remains safe. It can also keep a log of the activity, which you can use to see when you burnt some data on a disc, and what content was added.

Additional applications available in Roxio Creator NXT Pro include WinDVD and PaintShop Pro.

WinDVD is a video player which can play all popular formats, and resolutions up to 4K. The application offers an incredible experience thanks to support for Dolby audio, and you can also boost the output or reduce loud noise from the videos. The software can also help you watch videos shot on your phone or camera, by stabilizing shaky videos. It also improves the picture quality automatically.

PaintShop Pro X9 is an advanced photo editor, which has options for enhancing photos into professional looking ones.

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