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[Contest] Shadow Defender – winners announced

| July 11, 2012

Shadow Defender is a forerunner application which helps protecting your system and data. It uses a special and intelligent method known as “Shadow Mode”. Once you are in Shadow Mode all the changes made happen in the shadow, not the real system. However, if you wish you could also save the changes (made in Shadow) to your disk or even completely discard them.


Using the unique “Shadow Mode” Shadow Defender helps protect your Windows operating system. The “Shadow Mode” could be better called as a virtual environment.

The latest version of Shadow Defender is It has custom 32 and 64 bit installers. The installers are each 1Mb, while the disk cost up on installation is less than 3Mb. You could install and try the trial version with no limitations for 30days. Access the setup using link below:

A quick access is provided by the icon sitting in the system try. You may choose to hide it.

Let me take you through different modules in Shadow Defender.

A. Entering Shadow Mode

To enter the “Shadow Mode” you have to select the respective volume from Mode Setting.

There are 2 options you can select:

Option-1–> Exit Shadow Mode when shutdown

Option-2–> Enter Shadow Mode on boot

You may schedule to put a volume into “Shadow Mode” from next reboot. Or you may select to opt out of “Shadow Mode” after shutdown.

Please NOTE: If you select ‘Exit Shadow Mode when shutdown’ the volume will exit Shadow Mode automatically when OS reboot or shutdown. If you select ‘Enter Shadow Mode on boot’ the volume will exit Shadow Mode automatically when OS reboot or shutdown. BUT when you log into windows next time, the volume will enter Shadow Mode automatically.

Below is a snap when I put the volume in Shadow Mode.

B. Exiting Shadow Mode

Select the volume for which you want to exit Shadow Mode, and then click “Exit Shadow Mode”. There are 2 options you are presented as shown below:

Option-1–> Discard all changes except Exclusion List – here all the changes made in the shadow volume will be discarded

Option-2–> Commit all changes – all the changes made in the shadow volume will be kept in the volume itself

Selecting any option above will move the volume out of Shadow Mode.

Please NOTE: Because some files may be in use by the system, certain volumes cannot exit Shadow Mode without a reboot or shutdown. You may see a prompt below in this case. However, if you select ‘Force dismount volume’, Shadow Defender will try to close all the files used by other applications before exit Shadow Mode.

C. Exclusion List

This option allows you to exclude those files and folders for which you do not want to have the changes made in virtual environment.

Please NOTE: You have to exclude file/folder before entering the shadow mode, else you will get the message that “At least one file you selected is in Shadow Mode. Operation canceled”.

D. Commit

It provides a similar functionality to Exclusion List, the difference being that it is done manually. You could either commit from the program interface or from Shell Extension>Commit

The committed file/folder is saved to Original Volume.

E. Administration

This module provides following options:

Enable tray icon

Enable desktop tip

Enable shell context menu extension

Enable password control

Need password when committing files via shell context menu

Notify me with low free space on the protected volume

Some error:

I noticed that if Alt key is pressed on select mode option, it blanks out the NOTE, leaving only the options as shown below

This however reverts back to normal in a couple of seconds.


Allow entering Shadow mode at any time, without having to boot the system.


1. Easy-to-use security solution.

2. Prevent malicious activity and unwanted changes.

3. Prevent all viruses, Trojans and malware attacks.

4. Securely surf the internet without leaving any traces behind.

5. Eliminate the need of any system downtime and maintenance costs as you would never damage your main system.

6. Test new/unknown software’s in a safe environment.

7. Receive 100% FREE product updates.

8. Very light weight on system resources.


Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution which not only prevents our system from unwanted changes by malicious software, but also helps us test software’s without making any changes to our system.

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