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[Contest] Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete [Forum Exclusive]

| July 12, 2012

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete is a fast and easy to use Anti-virus + Anti-Malware software. It comes with antivirus, antispyware, firewall, online file backup (extra download), mobile security, and more.


Installation is quick and seems to be done during the first scan, when you start the installation it starts scanning computer and took around 3-4 minutes to finish first scan. There’s no other info during installations and after the first scan is finished it opens up the program.

After Installation

After installation you’ll come up with the main screen and it’s intuitive that you’ll know where most of the information is. You have 5 tabs on the left top and bottom you have your account, settings and help & support. The 5 tabs are the pc tools which you can access the scan information, do a scan, schedule a scan, manage the shields, change the firewalls and access the quarantine. The 2nd tab you have the identity and privacy where you can select what applications receive more protections and what customize the website security, you can also have Webroot manage your passwords on the password management section. The third tab is the backup and sync but you have or create an account and download an extra application and subscription to the backup and sync. The last tab is the system tools which you can clean your computer with system cleaner, you can control the system active processes or start the safestart sandbox. For the settings, you have a lot that you can configure and can be accessed through the left bottom side. The settings give you a lot to configure and enough to help protect you. Settings, you’ll be able to access the scan schedule, scan settings which if you rather it favor low CPU and/or memory instead of their fast scanning, self-protection mostly for if you have more security software. Access control, you can put a password protection so that no one else will mess around with the settings and what you will allow for non-administrators.

Using Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete is good security and deep scans are quick. Scans usually are around 1-3 minutes each. It has a good detection rate, put some test virus files and grabbed most of them where 2 where detected by the main computer anti-virus (Norton 360) software. So detecting most of it before the main computer virus is good as this will detect it quicker than what Norton detects.

Computer resources are quite normal or less than most, idle running in background it runs around 1-5 mb of memory use and when scanning it’s around 14-16 mb of memory it uses.


The way it handles detection and how fast the scans are plus it has quite a good resource management even if you select it to favor low CPU and/or memory use on settings, it’s still runs quickly and detects viruses and malware before infecting your computer. Being a Norton user, Webroot will get my support from now on.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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