Why ServInt's Flex Semi-Dedicated Servers are Top Notch?

Why ServInt’s Flex Semi-Dedicated Servers are Top Notch?

| February 19, 2013

Virtualization. It’s the technology that allows you to split server resources between a number — sometimes a large number — of users. Hosts that do it well — like ServInt — create powerful, reliable hosting platforms where you’d never know you were sharing any system resources with anybody at all.

But you are — and there’s always the possibility of resource contention when relying on burstable resources. That’s why they’ve introduced a new server line that uses their industry-leading virtualization technology to seamlessly and imperceptibly split server resources between the smallest possible number of server residents: two.

That means you, and one other person. It’s literally the smallest number of server “roommates” you can have without making the expensive step up to your own, private, 100% dedicated server.

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More than that, their semi-dedicated servers give you guaranteed access to hardware processing power — either two or three cores, 100% available to you, and only you, whenever you need it.

But privacy, predictability, and excellent value aren’t the only reasons you should check out their Flex Semi-Dedicated servers. One look at the “Semi” specifications should show you they’re some of the fastest, most powerful, and most reliable servers on the market today.

All Semi-Dedicated servers feature:

  • One dedicated server, split into two equal virtual environments.
  • Up to three cores of Intel E5649 CPU, 100% guaranteed
  • Scalable RAM, additional virtual swap, and Mirrored RAID Storage
  • Easy, rapid upgrades to their Flex Private dedicated server
  • Extremely high uptime. Their cumulative uptime since 1995 is 99.99953%.
  • Free control panel
  • Every account is supported by ServInt’s Managed Customer Support. We’re here when you need us — anytime.
  • Choose ServInt LA or ServInt DC for the location of your server so you can be closer to your customers.
  • ServInt’s fully redundant, cross-country network connection and spare upstream provider bandwidth means unparalleled reliability.
  • Environmentally responsible hosting solutions.

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